Message by UN Committee Against Torture Chairperson Claudio Grossman

Dear colleagues and fellow advocates,

I am writing to you today as the World Organization Against Torture launches a new blog (‘nothing can justify torture’) designed for civil society actors engaging with the UN Committee Against Torture.

Its objective is to provide greater awareness of the work of the UN Committee Against Torture itself, and to encourage local activists to share experiences and learning in seeking an effective use of its procedures and mechanisms to foster the implementation of the UN Convention Against Torture.

This initiative could hardly be more timely.

It comes as the international community is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention Against Torture. This anniversary reminds us that torture remains a reality in todays’ world and calls us all to re-energize our efforts to turn commitment into reality and eradicate torture.

As Chairperson of the UN Committee Against Torture I value initiative, such as this one, that seek to foster access to our Committee and an increased awareness on our recommendations. It reflects that civil society plays a vital role for our proceedings, enabling us to engage state representatives in a genuine dialogue on the basis of reliable information.

I am convinced that a platform allowing greater visibility, exchange, experience sharing and reflection on effective strategies on CAT implementation will enrich the global fight against torture.

Dean Grossmann
Geneva, November 3, 2014

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